As Fully qualified and insured Solar PV Installers we are able to carry out fully MCS accredited solar pv installations. This means that you the customer can take full advantage of the government’s feed in tariff for your installation.

Our installation prices are very competitive, are fully insured and backed up by full manufacturers guarantees on all equipment.
You would be surprised at the payback on a solar pv system.


For Example

We recently installed a 3.75kw sytem of 15 black panels. The expected payback time for the install is around 5 years, with feed in tariff guaranteed for 20 years. Over this time we expect the system to earn and save the customer 5 or more times their investment depending on how they can utilise the energy they generate.

On 7th March 2014 the system was generating at its 3kw at its peak. Not bad for a winters day eh?


We can also advise you on installation of other devices that can help you maximise the gains from your system, for example;

An OPTIMMERSION device that automatically switches on your immersion heater wirelessly when the system is generating more power than you are using. It can also control plug-in appliances via wireless plug adaptors.