Energy Saving

Energy saving products are now a viable reality. LED lighting replacements have come a long way in the last 2 years with lamps now offering equivilant outputs to conventional lighting.

Initial lamp costs maybe around 4-8 times higher but life expectancy is 20-30 time higher and energy consumption around 10-15 times lower!

We are installing a lot of 7w JCC downlights a sdirect replacments for 50w halogen downlights. They have built in LEDs and are guaranteed for 10 years!

Imagine the savings over a year in an average kitchen with 8 50w downlights, roughly £120 per year in electricity alone.

Please contact me for a free no obligation survey of your existing installation and recommendations for improvements with cost saving forecasts.

We recently replaced 39x 600mm by 600mm ceiling grid light pans for a customer with led flat panels- the original lights had two 55w pl lamps in them the new flat panels are 40w each and won’t degrade and need new tubes like the pl fittings. A simple calculation gives us an idea of the savings.

PL Fittings

2x 55w = 110w. x 39 = 4290 watts or 4.29 kw when all are on.
4.29kw x 10 hours a day x 5 days a week x 50 weeks a year. =10725 KWH per year
10725 x 0.13p per KWH = £1394 per year in electricity alone, no lamp replacements.

LED Fitting

1x 40w x 39 -1560w or 1.56kw. x 10 x 5 x50 = 3900KWH per year x 0.13p = £507 per year
A saving of £887 per year in electricity alone.

The light panels are guaranteed for 5 years. Even if every single one failed on the day aftter the warranty ran out they will have saved £4435 in electricity.

Factor in changing the pl lamps at a rate of 25% a year at £8 per lamp
£8 x 39 x 2 x 25% x 5 years = £780
£4435 + £780= £5215 saved over 5 years!