Electrical Certification

Types & Purposes

Electrical installation Condition Report(Formally the Periodic Inspection Report).

This condition report applies to any existing electrical installations and evaluates the electrical safety of the installation and its compliance with “BSen7671: The requirements for electrical installations”.
The report covers Visual inspections and Electrical testing of the installation and highlights any found discrepancies which are categorised into three codes according to the severity of the problem:

Code C1

Danger present risk of injury, immediate action required
This is the most severe of deviations and would result in either immediate rectification of de-energisation of that part of the installation. This would normally be live parts exposed to touch or fire risk.

Code C2

Potentially dangerous. Urgent remedial action required
This code would normally be assigned to deviations such as inadequate means of earthing, absence of circuit protective conductor, high conductor resistance values or high earth loop fault impedance.

Code C3

Improvement recommended
This code would apply when a deviation is not considered to pose an immediate risk but that improvements to comply with the latest edition of bsen7671 would improve electrical safety. Items such as absence of RCD protection to circuits or absence of circuit identification details.

Installations installed to editions of BSen7671 prior to the current 17th edition are not required to meet the standards of the 17th edition but are required to comply with the edition that was current at the time of installation and to be of a standard of installation and current condition so as to prevent danger.

Although not a legal requirement Inspections of Domestic Installations are currently recommended by the IET at a period no longer than ten years or change of occupancy whilst commercial premises are every five years and industrial every three.

An EICR is especially recommended if you are buying a property as no information on electrical safety is included in the buyers information pack.

Discovering electrical safety issues before purchase could save you thousands of pounds in the long run.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information or a no obligation quotation for your property.

Visual Condition Report

Obtaining a visual condition report may be an alternative to obtaining an Electrical Installation Condition Report. However, a Visual Condition Report does not include testing, so details of hidden damage, degradation or poor installation techniques are unlikely to be detected by inspection.

In general a visual condition report is merely an overview and is most suitable for an installation that has received a satisfactory Electrical Installation Condition report in the last two years, mainly to highlight any alterations in that time.

Electrical installation Certificate

Should be provided in each instance when a new electrical Installation or new circuit has been carried out.

Minor Works Certificate

Should be provided when alterations or additions are carried out which do not require a new circuit to be provided.